Come along with me as we journey to discover a weight loss program that WORKS. No temporary fixes, no restrictive dieting, just long-lasting results and amazing lifestyle changes. Keep the weight off and save yourself time, money, and energy.

Enjoy countess benefits to your mind and body.

Enjoy life-changing results.

What if I told you that you could get ALL of this in only FIVE weeks?

Have you found yourself struggling to lose weight? Maybe you’re tired of buying into diet programs that work for a few months before life goes back to normal? Have you lost motivation due to a lack of RESULTS? Do your busy days and nights prevent you from achieving the results you want? Do you feel “stuck?”


Sound familiar?

I’m with you. I felt the same way! I was longing for a way to keep the weight off. I was looking for an easy way to see results. Let me tell you… I found it. Intermittent fasting has changed my life in more ways than one. Not only has the weight come off and STAYED off, but I feel better mentally, too. The brain fog is gone. The sluggish 3:00pm witching hour doesn’t bother me much anymore. This is the real deal. This is five weeks to change your life, your body, and your mind.

What if you could...

  • Lose the weight

  • Keep the weight off

  • Save time AND money

  • Win back your life from dieting

  • Feel the benefits emotionally

  • Reduce your likelihood of certain harmful diseases


Would you say YES!?

Here's what you'll get

  • Access to FIVE life-changing modules to teach you everything you need to know about Intermittent Fasting
  • 20+ videos to give you the inside scoop and motivate you every step of the way
  • Membership in a private Facebook accountability group with people like YOU on their journey to their best self
  • Consistent encouragement and support
  • FOREVER access to all of this so that you can always go back, re-watch, or re-do a module
  • Weight loss that WORKS, and weight loss that LASTS
  • A happier wallet and a day with more TIME for friends, family, and yourself


I’m glad you asked!

I’ve put countless hours into making this five week course just what you need. Over the course of five weeks, you’ll get access to everything listed above in an outline that was tailor made for people like you. For five days a week, every week, you’ll get videos, blogs, guides, and all of the information you need to make your intermittent fasting a success! Check out the course outline below:

MODULE 1-Welcome and Prep Week

Video 1: Welcome

Video 2: Overview of Health Benefits

Video 3: Your “Why” and The Plan

Video 4: When to Eat

Video 5: What to Eat

MODULE 2-Week One

Video 1: Keto Diet/Exogenous Ketones

Video 2: Burning Fat for Energy

Video 3: Hormones & Hunger

Video 4: Human Growth Hormone

Video 5: Motivation and Preview Next Week


MODULE 3-Week Two

Video 1: Other Health Benefits to Intermittent Fasting

Video 2: Insulin

Video 3: Metabolism

Video 4: Other Types of “Diets” Comparison

Video 5: Motivation and Preview Next Week


MODULE 4-Week Three

Video 1: Eating Like Our Ancestors-Diet Phasing

Video 2: Exercise

Video 3: Other Fasting Methods

Video 4: Motivation and Preview Next Week


MODULE 5-Week Four

Video 1: Spiritual Fasting

Video 2: Your Brain on Fasting

Video 3: Re-Cap of Awesome Health Benefits

Video 4: What Now?


What are you waiting for!?

Intermittent fasting has dramatically changed not only my body, but my LIFE. Join me for this course.

It’s time to say “YES!”


Hi! I’m Paula!

I actually started fasting when I was in high school without even knowing! It’s so funny to think that my journey with intermittent fasting goes that far back. At the time, I was doing it because I just wasn’t that hungry and loved that it helped me lose a little weight. You see, I ALWAYS was told that you were supposed to eat six small meals a day. So I did.

However, eventually I learned that this was NOT actually the case. You don’t have to do that. In fact, I do the opposite! And you know what? I’ve never looked back.

Since I began intermittent fasting, I have lost 30 pounds. I’ve gained so much mental clarity, I’ve worked through some hard times, and I’ve come out on top. I am a success story, and I want you to be one, too.

I want to share with you the freedom of gaining your life back. I want you to know what it feels like to get rid of the pressure of meal shopping and planning. You’ll know the feeling of earned time back with family and friend. You’ll find freedom from food.

Let’s live our best lives together. I created this program so that I could personally coach you every step of the way. I am an avid fitness and nutrition coach devoting my life to helping people like you. I am so passionate about this because of what it has done for me.

They say you should always share good things.

So that’s why I’m here. To share this AMAZING thing with you.

This is for you if...

  • You’re looking for an easy weight loss solution.
  • You want to lose the weight and KEEP IT OFF.
  • You want to gain back freedom from dieting and restrictive eating.
  • You want to save TIME and MONEY.
  • You want the motivation that was taken from you BACK.
  • You want to be the best version of yourself.

This is not for you if...

  • You want to stick with fad diets.
  • You’re okay with temporary results.
  • You’re not ready to make the investment for your BODY and MIND.
  • You’re not ready to commit to making life-changing results.


Trust me, you are not going to want to miss this course. Not only will it transform your body, but it will transform your life and mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

“I don’t have time to intermittent fast. Is this still for me?”

Here’s the thing…you don’t have time NOT to fast. Think of all the time you spend meal planning or rushing through the drive-thru on your way to the next kids’ soccer game. With intermittent fasting, you GAIN time back. What you do with all of this new time is up to you!

What do I get out of this course?

To start, you get your LIFE back from failed diets and temporary results that steal your energy and your motivation! Scroll back up to the section entitled “Here’s what you’ll get” to read all about the amazing parts of the course. You can also check out all the bonus freebies you get just for signing up!

Can I do this with my friend or family member?

Absolutely! Accountability is a huge part of any lifestyle change. Taking on this intermittent fasting course can be even more fun and more effective with a friend or family member. Send them the link today and I’d love to have you both on board for this life-changing course!

I’m hungry all of the time…how is this even possible?

Your body is truly an amazing machine. You’ll be SHOCKED how quickly your body reacts to intermittent fasting. You’ll notice a huge change in how often you want to eat, and you’ll learn to respond to real hunger cues. You’ll feel connected to your body on a whole new level! I share tons of tips and encouragement to start intermittent fasting and guide you all along the way, don’t worry!

When is the right time to start?

It’s never too early or too late to begin this journey. The fact that you’re even HERE right now shows how much you care about yourself and how you want to take the first step. Join me and the community of other amazing people like you who are taking their first step HERE, NOW, and TODAY. Right where you are is always the right time.

What if I have health issues I’m concerned about? What if intermittent fasting makes them worse?

Let’s connect today! Send me an email or message to discuss how we can work through these issues to get you all set on your journey. The thing is, intermittent fasting has actually been proven to help with many health issues such as diabetes, depression, and many others. Let’s talk today about how we can work together to make sure this program works for you!


The first step is always the hardest, but I promise you it is worth it. We always take care of others. It’s time to take care of OURSELVES.

It’s time to lose the weight and KEEP IT OFF.

Will you join me?

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